Are Fat and Flab Ruining Your Life?

EMSCULPT is a cutting-edge device designed to address bulge around the midsection as well as a backside that has started to droop and sag. Who can benefit from EMSCULPT? Consider the following profiles and see if you can relate:

Meet Rachel

Rachel is a 35-year-old mother of three beautiful children. Pregnancy was tough on Rachel’s body and left her with a pudgy midsection that she just can’t seem to tighten. While Rachel adores her kids and loves her role as a mom, she can’t shake the feeling that her husband doesn’t find her as attractive as he once did due to the changes to her body. At the same time, she envies her friends that have not had kids yet and still sport their sleek, pre-baby bodies. Will she ever be able to resolve her unhappiness when she looks in the mirror?

Introducing Gus

Gus is a 40-something man with a great job and an active family. Despite his successes in life, Gus can’t shake the concern that his developing “dad bod” is a turnoff to his wife and makes him look older than he feels. What happened to the six-pack he proudly flaunted during his young adult years? Even more than the changes to his looks, Gus realizes they are a sign he is getting older. Desperate to regain a piece of his youth, Gus joins a local gym where he sweats it out multiple times a week. Still, his dad bod looks like it isn’t going anywhere fast. What else is there for him to do?

Debra’s Challenges

As a middle-aged woman, Debra realizes she doesn’t look the same in her favorite jeans as she once did. While she was once proud of her shapely buttocks, the sagging she notices now is far from attractive in her eyes. She is sure others see it as well and has switched from her sexy denim to leggings and tunics to hide the changes in her body. While her new style choices make her feel frumpy and matronly, better that image than revealing her aging backside. Is this all she has to look forward to – hiding her body behind loose clothes and never feeling appealing again?

What Happened?

Whether you can relate on a personal level with any of these profiles or not, the struggle with your own body is quite real. There are many reasons why weight gain is typical over time, and not all of them are under your control. Hormonal fluctuations play a significant role in the accumulation of body fat around the middle, particularly for women. These changes explain why many women start to see the bulge develop during perimenopause or menopause. Pregnancy is another experience that leads to changes in the abdomen. Those nine months often result in laxity of the abdominal muscles; something crunches alone can’t always address.

For men, hormones can also be a factor in weight gain. In this case, thyroid hormones are usually the culprit. These chemicals help to control your metabolism or the rate at which your body burns fat. When they fluctuate, you can see how your body may not be able to manage fat as efficiently. Another hormone that is not as well-known but no less impactful is cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. Increases in cortisol levels can also lead to fat deposits in problem spots like the midsection.

What Works when Diet and Exercise Don’t

When your body is working against you, it can be challenging to make those positive changes happen on your own. Hours at the gym spent lifting weights and running on the treadmill may help you maintain a higher state of health and wellness, but that weight you’re trying to lose might not go anywhere. There are few things more frustrating than sticking with a weight loss program, only to find the numbers on the scale just don’t change.

This challenge is where EMSCULPT proves its worth to our patients. In just four 30-minute treatment sessions, you can do what diet and exercise don’t – trim that fat and sculpt lean muscle at the same time. The technology has the same effect as that exercise you have been doing at the gym – but ramped up to a level you cannot achieve by your efforts. The intensity of the contractions created by the EMSCULPT device leads to noticeable improvement with a matter of weeks. Since the technology stimulates your body’s muscle sculpting process, results are both natural and long-lasting.

Don’t just wish for a change to your body, make it happen. Contact Beata Advanced Aesthetics today at 732-838-3500 to learn more about this revolutionary body contouring treatment.