Reasons to Love EMSCULPT

Body contouring isn’t a new concept, and there are many options available to trim and tone the body today. How do you know EMSCULPT is the right choice for you? As the newcomer in body contouring, there is already a multitude of benefits this device offers that you won’t find with other body contouring procedures. At Beata Advanced Aesthetics, we have plenty of good reasons why you will love EMSCULPT once you give it a try:

Targets fat and muscle

3D stereoscopic vision, artificial intelligence and top-of-the-line hardware make the ARTAS system the most accurate way to transplant hair via follicular unit excision (FUE). The ARTAS iX robot creates each donor and recipient site according to highly specified parameters, and analyzes every follicle with a level of detail unavailable to the human eye. With ARTAS, every healthy hair is in exactly the right place for maximum fullness and scalp coverage.


No matter what type of body contouring treatment you choose, you want to know it is both safe and effective. FDA clearance on the EMSCULPT device gives you that peace of mind. The procedure has been cleared for men and women to treat the abdomen and the buttocks. It has been shown to strengthen abdominal muscles and improve abdominal tone and to strengthen, tone and firm the buttocks.


The EMSCULPT process is entirely noninvasive – there are no incisions, and you are not given anesthesia before you undergo the procedure. No anesthesia means a distinct reduction in risks associated with the treatment and the lack of incisions eliminates concerns over an infection, poor wound healing and post-treatment scarring. You can rest assured you will be relatively comfortable throughout the process without any significant side effects after the fact to keep you from returning to your daily activities right away.

Fast, no downtime

EMSCULPT treatments are performed right in our office and take just 30 minutes to complete. That is the entire treatment duration – you don’t need additional time for an anesthetic to take effect or for other preparatory steps. We make sure you are in a comfortable position, apply the EMSCULPT applicator to the treatment area, and it begins to work promptly on reducing your fat and toning your muscles. Once your treatment is over, you are free to return to your daily routine without worry over possible side effects or restrictions on your activities. You can schedule an EMSCULPT procedure on your lunch hour and head back to your office without anyone knowing you just had body contouring performed.

Backed by science – stats

EMSCULPT may be a new procedure, but that doesn’t mean the technology has been thoroughly tested and proven to be both safe and effective. Clinical studies performed on EMSCULPT patients have found the following benefits:

  • 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat (fat just underneath the skin)
  • 16% increase in lean muscle mass
  • Reduction in waist circumference of around 1.75 inches
  • Patient satisfaction rate of 96%

These numbers are averages of what providers have seen when using the EMSCULPT device. While individual results vary, the majority of patients see improvements in their midsection that cannot be achieved through diet and exercise alone. In addition, 85% of patients that underwent EMSCULPT to improve the appearance of the buttocks saw significant improvement in lift and muscle tone.

Natural looking results

EMSCULPT works by stimulating rapid, intense muscle contractions in the treatment area. These contractions are similar to what your muscles encounter during a rigorous workout, but even more powerful. The contractions produce the same effects, tightening and firming the muscles while burning excess fat in the area. Since the process is ramped up significantly, the results are also faster and more dramatic than you can achieve with your standard workouts. However, since the process is the same, the results you see look completely natural. Go ahead and tell your friends you upped the ante on your workout time. No one is going to spill your secret!

With a myriad of benefits and little downside, it is no wonder more patients are turning to EMSCULPT to tone their problem areas. If you would like to learn more about the advantages EMSCULPT offers, contact Magdy Nasra MD PC today at 732-838-3500.