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Dr. Nasra

About Dr. Magdy Nasra

Time is an important part of aesthetics, especially when it comes to aesthetic medicine. After all, time is what causes the majority of the aesthetic concerns we face to develop. Our faces begin to lose proteins that keep the skin on our faces and bodies taut, and the eternal struggle between our tissues and gravity eventually becomes noticeable in the form of sagging and wrinkles. Time, in most cases, is the enemy.

But the interesting thing is that the problem is also the solution. With time comes experience and expertise, and when you are having cosmetic procedures performed, the one thing you want your physician to have had is an abundance of time. Dr. Magdy Nasra, a board certified physician, has more than 40 years of experience in providing patients just like you with empathetic and cutting-edge aesthetic treatment.

Despite a bustling practice that continues to grow, Dr. Nasra also takes great care to ensure that his office gives you the time you deserve. He believes that the uniqueness of each patient is a fundamental truth that warrants consideration, even if that patient is experiencing a condition that is extremely common. After all, your goals and desires are likely not the same, so your treatment shouldn’t be either. Individual, tailored treatment is at the core of his approach to medicine.

Through his decades of experience, he is also able to understand his patients much more deeply — not only regarding aesthetic techniques and approaches that will work well, but also about how certain conditions can affect virtually every aspect of a patient’s life.

Industry Leading Advice & Words of Wisdom

Year after year, Dr. Nasra also invests a considerable amount of time researching and learning new and industry-leading approaches to aesthetic medicine so that he can bring back that knowledge to his patients. He has also spoken as an expert in noninvasive treatments at the NJ Women’s Expo, and was featured in the Little Silver Neighbors magazine about innovative wellness topics.

Dr. Nasra is also deliberate about providing all patients with a safe space where they can feel open and comfortable discussing the concerns that make them feel the most vulnerable. Aesthetic medicine is about building confidence, and he believes that confidence can only come when someone feels they are a valued individual. His evidence-based healthcare approach to all members of the community, provides comprehensive and non-judgmental service, free from any stigma comes from the tenet that everyone is worthy of feeling comfortable in their own skin.

When you leave his office, Dr. Nasra wants to feel empowered by your visit and the education that he was able to provide. He has put together a team that embodies his values to ensure patients are in the best hands possible. His practice’s commitment to being candid and truthful about your aesthetic medicine is a way to help achieve that goal. These approaches have awarded him and his team with an array of patient-care awards throughout the years.

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