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Feeling Goodis Important

At Beata Advanced Aesthetics, we hold a fundamental belief: it is important to feel good. It might seem like a simple tenet, but feeling good encompasses quite a bit. It means that you are taking care of your health and are comfortable with the treatment you are getting. It means that you feel confident in your own skin and enjoy the image you are projecting into the world. It also means that you are in an environment and surrounded by people who make you happy.

Feeling good might sound simple, but it is a pretty tall order. But around here, tall orders don’t scare us; we know what it takes to feel good and, every day, we aim to embody and promote all the things that you will need to get there. When you leave our office, we want you to feel empowered, emboldened, and even educated by the treatment we are providing.

Honest Treatment

It isn’t enough for us to take care of whatever medical or aesthetic condition you are dealing with. We want you to feel comfortable about the treatment and confident in your decision. If that means we have to spend countless appointments talking about the ins and outs of your treatment, we will make sure to bring a comfortable chair. We are upfront and honest about what we think will be best.

It isn’t about selling you on a product or service or trying to get you to sign up for an over-the-top treatment plan. It is about getting you back to your life without having to worry about whatever concerns you. And while that can require an extensive treatment plan for the occasional patient, sometimes, that means a simple, one-off, 15-minute procedure.

Personalized Care

Our cardinal concern is the well-being of our patients. Every patient and every condition that we experience is unique. And while it is essential to understand how, as a general trend, specific procedures and treatments are suitable for certain issues, it is even more imperative to know how to tailor those treatments to every single patient that comes into our office. It is important for us to be able to treat all skin types and all members of our community. Just because a certain treatment plan worked for a nearly identical case a week ago doesn’t mean it will work for you. So whether you are brand new to aesthetics, a seasoned pro, a member of the LGBTQ+ community looking for nonjudgmental, evidence-based care, or a teen struggling with acne, we will make sure that everything we do works toward making you feel like the priority. Safe spaces to feel comfortable in are hard to come by, and we absolutely believe that since it all starts with feeling good in your own skin – our office should be one of those spaces.

We make sure to create unique combinations of safeguards and approaches beyond the industry standard because we know there is always improvement to be made to any procedure that we perform. Many offices may not pair your laser treatment recovery with the ideal, more extensive skincare routines, but we consider it the bare minimum to ensure your appearance heals as flawlessly as possible. Because above all else, you are our priority.

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