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Emsculpt NEO

Looking Good if Feeling Good

Looking good and feeling good often go hand in hand. When you don’t like your appearance, it can affect your quality of life overall. You might avoid certain clothes and even some social situations because you are self-conscious or embarrassed about your body.

The impact of a poor self-image is far-reaching, particularly when you try to make positive changes on your own and don’t see the desired results. Are hours at the gym and calorie counting not working for you? Maybe there’s a better way.

Don’t Like Your Body? Maybe it’s Time for a Change

Ask men and women their top concern about their appearance, and many will tell you they don’t like the changes that have occurred to their bodies. Midsections become flabby and the six-pack eventually disappears. The backside can also start to droop and sag, making it tough to feel confident in your favorite jeans or a bathing suit.

It may be gradual, or you may look at yourself in the mirror one day and suddenly realize you don’t like what you see. When self-confidence starts to fade, you might notice you are avoiding people, places and events you once enjoyed. You start to dread occasions like family reunions because you just know that size 2 family member will be talking about you behind your back after the fact. You may start to worry that your partner is also noticing the changes and it is affecting your intimate relationship. So many worries can accompany those body changes.

No Pain, All Gain with EMSCULPT

Don’t you think it’s time to put those anxieties to rest? EMSCULPT is a revolutionary device designed just for people like you that no longer like the way their bodies look. You can sculpt and tone your problem spots much more effectively than you ever could using the machines at your local fitness center. In a 30-minute treatment session, you can treat your body to the workout it’s never experienced before, as well as the dramatic results that follow.

As the only FDA-cleared device on the market today that builds muscle and burns fat at the same time, EMSCULPT is also completely noninvasive. The nature of the treatment does not require incisions, anesthesia or downtime. Instead, cutting-edge technology does the work to sculpt and firm the midsection and the backend, leaving you with noticeable results you are sure to love. You can have an EMSCULPT treatment over your lunch hour and immediately head back to your office with no telltale signs you just had a procedure performed.

The EMSCULPT Experience

EMSCULPT utilizes cutting-edge technology to achieve superior results in nonsurgical body contouring. Known as high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy or HIFEM, this technology stimulates the muscles to contract at a rapid and intense rate, which burns fat and firms muscle at the same time. The treatment can be adjusted to address your precise concerns. More intense treatments tend to produce the most dramatic results, without excessive discomfort or the need for medication.

EMSCULPT is typically performed in a series of treatment sessions to achieve an optimal outcome. The entire protocol usually takes about two weeks to complete and results begin to develop in the weeks following the last session. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should enjoy your enhanced body contour over the long term.

The Right Provider, the Right Treatment

When it comes to choosing an EMSCULPT provider, you want a practice that is dedicated to personalized patient care through results-driven procedures. Dr. Nasra and our team at Beata Advanced Aesthetics know you don’t have to resort to surgery to get the cosmetic enhancements you want. In addition to a myriad of nonsurgical aesthetic procedures, Dr. Nasra offers a variety of treatments and services designed to raise your level of health and your quality of life. The addition of EMSCULPT is just one more example of how Dr. Nasra is dedicated to help his patients achieve their goals with the most effective procedures on the market today.

Why You’ll Love EMSCULPT

EMSCULPT is taking the body contouring world by storm because it features so many advantages over other treatment options:

  • Quick, comfortable treatment
  • No anesthesia, incisions or downtime
  • Enhance abdominal tone and lift buttocks
  • Burn fat and sculpt muscle at the same time
  • Clinically proven to produce positive results
  • Results are noticeable and long-lasting

EMSCULPT is the future in body contouring that you can benefit from right now. Contact Beata Advanced Aesthetics today at (732) 838-3500 to find out if EMSCULPT is right for you.

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